Bienvenido al Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute


Spaceship Institute (SSI) is advanced scientific organization mainly focused on a space travel development based on Kf plasma technology. Educational part of SSI is teaching students about all aspects needed for the survival of human race in space. 

SSI was established for sharing the knowledge provided by KF to expand man's knowledge and enabling its use in space - all with one single condition - this knowledge to be used only with the peaceful intention.

SSI is developing and teaching:

As a result of developments SSI is bringing up different parts of applications useful in a daily life and at the same time we are openly forwarding this knowledge to our students.

Knowledge obtained by students in the fields mentioned above will for sure create many job opportunities in the near future in terms of newly created spin-off companies as well as other ways of serving mankind on Earth.

The unique combination of theoretical knowledge and practical training not available anywhere else will enable students developing an understanding of the Universe.